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A resource with tips and suggestions to help concerned neighbors help each other.

The police can't be everywhere at once and they need our eyes watching our neighborhood to help keep everyone as safe as possible. This new web site will offer suggestions, tips and provide helpful links.

By using this website you agree that all resources are in no way guaranteed to keep you safe and are only suggestions that you may elect to use and apply as you go through your daily routine.

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By clicking on "I Agree" and entering this web site, you agree that the safety suggestions included within this site are in no way guaranteed to keep you safe or will prevent you from becoming the victim of a crime.

In the event you decide to use or implement any of the suggestions, opinions or procedures listed within this site or on any linked sites you may contact through this site, you agree that you do so at your own risk and at no liability to the owner of this web site

By clicking on "I Agree" and entering this site you further understand that the name "Nosey Neighbor" is simply a fun way to describe a person or persons who are observant and if suspicious vehicles, persons or activity is seen in their neighborhood they report it to police. You should never engage in any activity that violates the rights or privacy of any neighbor.